Negotium Technologies at Action TI annual Classique LLL 2016

On August 22nd 2016, Nicolas Georgeault, Alexandre Provost, Mark Richardson, of Negotium Technologies and Gustavo Torrealba, of Sanimax, participants to Action TI annual Classique LLL 2016. This event gathers IT focus businesses to promote networking and discuss the new tendencies in the market.

Each year, Classique LLL supports nonprofit organizations. This year, the two nonprofit organizations were CyberCap and Réseau CDSL-CLS (program Expo-Science).

It is with great pride that Negotium Technologies was there to support these organizations and contribute to the community.

The day began with several presentations of experienced specialists such as Nicolas Georgeault, Senior Architect at Negotium Technologies. Nicolas spoke of the importance of innovation in a dynamic network of partners and introduce his audience to EnterpriseBrain. His presentation fueled a lot of exchange and prooved a subject of interested among the group.

As for the rest of the day, the participants enjoyed a beautiful day of golfing at Le Versant. One could’nt say if this day improved our team’s swing but it allowed them to make very interesting meetings!

Action TI-Negotium

Action TI-NegotiumTech

Action TI-NegotiumTech

Action TI-NegotiumTech

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