Our 4 MVPs at the MVP Global Summit

The MVP global Summit, the MVPs annual mass, is happening right now in Redmond on Microsoft campus. Our 4 MVPs have left for several days of conferences and meetings with Microsoft product teams.

Every year, Microsoft invites MVP (Most Valuable Professional) from all over the world to its campus in Seattle for three days to attend sessions and meet fellow enthusiasts. Each year, it is an incredible opportunity to meet the leaders of the teams that develop the products and express the feedback of our clients.

From left to right on the picture, among the pionneers who built Microsoft: Sebastien Levert – MVP Office 365, Nicolas Georgeault – MVP SharePoint and Julien Stroheker – MVP Azure. Unfortunately, Vincent Biret – MVP SharePoint was in the middle of one of the many interesting interactions with Products teams when the picture was taken.



About the MVP Program: the MVP program (Microsoft Most valuable Professional) recognizes the community technical leaders who share their passion, their expertise and their real-world experience of Microsoft products. To learn more, please visit the website dedicated to MVPs.


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