Julien Stroheker @ AzureCon


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9:00 A.M. PDT, September 29, 2015

“Be the first to see what’s next. Attend the free, virtual event”

Our MVP Azure, Julien Stroheker participates in Microsoft AzureCon. He will have two sessions. One about “Azure Resource Manager – A Game Changer” and one about “E.M.S. An easy way to regain control of your BYOD environment”.

What’s the AzureCon?

“Hear from the experts about the latest Azure innovation and easy-to-adopt solutions. Listen as customers take the stage to share their stories. Join live Q&As and interact with the architects and engineers who are building the latest features. Choose from more than 60 technical sessions —and accelerate your journey to the cloud.


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Julien Stroheker and Sebastien Levert

Watch the Pimp The Cloud Show

Sébastien Levert, MVP Office 365 and Julien Stroheker, MVP Azure, authors of the blog pimpthecloud.com, are launching a series of videos in partnership with Microsoft Corp (Seattle) on Channel 9, the renowned community platform of Microsoft developers.

In each video, they will cover a different topic around Microsoft  news, Azure and Office 365 Cloud technologies. All this to help you gain better control over your Cloud technologies!

Watch the first two videos about Azure Resources Manager and Office 365 API, and subscribe to their channel on Channel 9 here: https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Pimp-The-Cloud-Show

SPBiz Solutions Day

SPBiz Solutions Day – Sept. 17th, online!

Negotium, under the cover of Oceanik, will participate in the first online conference SPBiz SharePoint Solutions Day, September 17th, 2015!

Oceanik is the solution to your multilingual challenges on SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Indeed, SharePoint, Microsoft’s collaboration tool, allows incredible flexibility and the addition of customized solutions. In this online conference, you’ll discover 6 SharePoint actors who, through demonstration videos, will introduce concrete complementary solutions to some of your SharePoint everyday problems.

Find the program of this first edition here

In addition, by registering for the event, you get a chance to win the prizes available and one (1) free Oceanik license for a period of one (1) year!


Want to know more about Oceanik and how our product helps you in everyday life? Here’s a taste of our demo video that will be presented during the SPBiz Solutions Day:

“This session will show you how Oceanik is an all-in-one SharePoint solution that makes multilingual collaboration possible. Developed by Microsoft Certified Professionals, this state-of-art product offers many features that we want to share with you in this demo. You will learn that besides the instant translation of all SharePoint items, the content variation can be managed easily all on one page instead of many. In summary, the information is published in your national language and your collaborators can access it in their own language. This is what Collaboration is all about! That’s why we want to share with you how easy and quick multilingual collaboration can be with the most recommended multilingual solution for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. “

 For more details, visit our website: www.oceanik.com

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Golf avec Action TI

Negotium was at ACTION TI’s Classique LLL 2015

On Monday August 24th, Sébastien Levert and Jérôme Bousquet took part in Classique LLL 2015, Réseau ACTION TI’s annual golf tournament at Club de Golf du Versant in Terrebonne.

Bringing together around 100 people from various fields linked to information technology, this tournament has been a great opportunity to meet important industry specialists.

Sébastien and Jérôme did not only win third place in the tournament, they also impressed the audience with the presentation “How to maximise your success using predictive tools

Here are a few pictures of the event:


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powershell logo

«Office 365 and PowerShell: A Match Made in Heaven»: a webinar by Sebastien Levert

Don’t miss the webinar by our MVP Sébastien Levert, Office 365 and SharePoint specialist, on August 19th.

The session Office 365 and PowerShell: A Match Made in Heaven will cover how you can use PowerShell to ease the deployment process of your applications, the monitoring of your tenants and the maintenance of all the workloads of Office 365.

Get more information and register today at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8832558692590162434

Microsoft MVP in NYC

Our MVP attended the SharePoint Saturday in New-York City

On July 25, 2015, Negotium Technologies was well represented by its 4 Microsoft MVP. Indeed, each of them have had the honor and pleasure to present technical information sessions during New York City SharePoint Saturday taking place in Microsoft offices near Times Square.


See the program & the agenda:

julien-stroheker9am to 10:15am JULIEN STROHEKER @Ju_Stroh

Load testing and SharePoint 

You need to test the performance of your SharePoint Farm? You have the need to simulate 1000 users downloading the same document and know if your farm can support it without going down? You need to check if your SLA is right? Come to see how to deploy all the Microsoft tooling to help you proviging a complete load Testing environment that will help you in terms of best practices and reporting.
The 3 key takeaways of this session are :
– You will learn how to prepare your own load test and the related best practices
– You will see a real lab with a real load test in live
– You will be able to deploy the same thing yo your environment
This session is a 200-300 level and is mainly targetted to IT Pro and Developers


Vincent Biret1pm to 2:15pm VINCENT BIRET @baywet

The importance of metadata in your company 

During this session we’ll start by a few reminders about the different types of metadata we can use and what are the benefits of each ones (theory focused).
Then we’ll see what features SharePoint is providing us in that field and have a few demonstrations to explain how metadata can improve findability of content and efficiency of employees.



Sébastien Levert4pm to 5:15pm SÉBASTIEN LEVERT @sebastienlevert

Office 365 and PowerShell : A match made in heaven

In a world where we ear more and more about DevOps and continuous integration, your Office 365 integration process might be lacking some good practices and ways to automate everything. In this session, we will cover how you can use PowerShell to ease the deployment process of your applications, the monitoring of your tenants and the maintenance of all the workloads of Office 365. Being a demo-intensive session, be prepared to see a lot of PowerShell and Office 365 API code!

The 3 key takeaways of this session are :

You will learn how to communicate with the Office 365 API from PowerShell

You will be introduced to DevOps concepts in a Office 365 context

You will be able to reproduce those easy processes without problem back at work


Nicolas Georgeault4pm to 5:15pm NICOLAS GEORGEAULT @ngeorgeault

Office 365 Blog 101: Produce and share personal content – Social Knowledge Network Foundation 

Everybody knows blog site template in SharePoint. And most of us knows what are the limitations of these SharePoint’s Blogs. But who knows about the new Office 365 Blog Feature? From the foundation, how personal content should be stored in Enterprise Social Knowledge network, shared and reused as the source of Enterprise collaboration and finally published in Corporate memory?
This new Office 365 blog is just released as a first release. During this session we will discuss about this specific feature, how you can use it in your own Office 365 environment and we will create our first corporate blog post with video and picture before sharing it. We will also see how this Online way to produce content is very similar with Microsoft SWAY and speculate about what could be the future of the publication in SharePoint 2016.

Session takeaways:
1. Discover new Office 365 Blog Feature
2. Produce our first set of blog posts
3. Produce and add a video to my personal blog
4. How to find it in Delve and SharePoint and Share it with Yammer
5. Jump in First Release features program with the right users
6. Discover Sway and the new way to tell YOUR stories

2015 InnerCircle for Microsoft Dynamics

Negotium Technologies Inc. recognized as most strategic Microsoft Dynamics partner in Canada by Microsoft



Negotium Technologies Recognised as a Strategic Partner

Friday July 10, 2015 – Negotium Technologies Inc., a Microsoft Gold certified partner based in Canada, has earned membership to the prestigious 2015 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics.  This places Negotium in the top 1% of partner performance which constitutes the elite group of most strategic Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide.  Negotium Technologies Inc. is the only Canadian partner to have earned this recognition, having recorded the highest growth rate in Canada.

As per Microsoft, the 2015 Inner Circle is an elite group of strategic partners across the globe with a recognised commitment to customers reflected in their business performance and high level of sales achievement.  This group is limited to less than 60 of the most successful and strategic Microsoft Dynamics partners from around the world. A member of Inner Circles illustrates a partner’s commitment to customer satisfaction and signifies the highest quality for delivery and support of Microsoft Dynamics products.

“This recognition represents a great acknowledgement and confirms our strategic growth plan and dedication to our customers.  We are extremely honored and couldn’t be prouder of our team members who made this happen!, says André Poirier, President of Negotium Technologies Inc.  “Negotium excels into transforming businesses, using technologies as a strong competitive asset.  The fact that we are the only Canadian partner selected, tells us we are on the right track and that our customers appreciate our expertise.”


About Negotium Technologies:

Negotium Technologies Inc., a Microsoft Gold certified partner, offers a team of highly qualified experts on Microsoft products and a wide range of technology solutions to midmarket and large businesses willing to increase their level of competitiveness. This allows upright, quick and efficient decision-making through the use of structured and unstructured data and aims at transforming, managing and bringing innovation to your business.

Negotium is recognized by many clients as a trusted adviser. It is one of the few partners that only offers Microsoft solutions, and the unique partner in Canada whose team includes four (4) Microsoft MVPMost Valuable Professionals») lecturers, specialized in SharePoint, Azure and Office 360 solutions. These specializations in a dynamic partnership with Microsoft local, national and international teams allow us to offer an unequalled pool of expertise and skills!

To learn more, visit us at negotium.com or contact us at 1.888.213.5111

Transform Businesses WPC 2015

Negotium Technologies will be at WPC 2015

From July 12-16, we will be participating to WPC 2015, Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida. Visit us at booth #907 and inquire on how you could also become a “Business Transformer”!

Meritas 2015

Negotium reward the efforts of young students

On June 10, Negotium Technologies had the honor to officially sponsor the Méritas 2015 event held at the Mgr-A.-M.-Parent high school and reward the continuous efforts and progress of two young secondary one students.

They were each given a tablet, a motivation to pursue their progress and initiate themselves to the new technologies.  A warm congratulations!

For more information on that evening (French): http://www.csmv.qc.ca/blog/2014/06/un-gala-meritas-fort-reussi-pour-les-eleves-de-1re-secondaire-de-lecole-secondaire-mgr-a-m-parent/

Azure in Canada

Microsoft Invest In The Cloud

“Soon, the Microsoft Cloud will be truly Canadian,” said Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s C.O.O. Indeed, Tuesday June 2, Microsoft announced the arrival of an Azure data center to the Canada!
With two data centers, one in Toronto and the second in Quebec, Microsoft will be able to provide its services cloud for a range of products, including the public cloud hybrid of very large-scale enterprise, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.
Office 365 is an offer built 100% on the Microsoft Azure, announcement of services offered locally public cloud allows new cloud scenarios in several sectors of activity.
Contact us now at info@negotium.com or via our website at www.negotium.com – it is the perfect time to explore and enjoy the benefits, efficiency, scalability and savings offered by cloud computing technology!